Smart Air Conditioning: The Future of AC Systems for Homes

Air conditioning (AC) has been an integral part of our life for decades now. We have shifted from Window to Split ACs and so on. But now has come the time to change again. As the popular saying goes, “The only constant thing in this world is change”. And change in the AC systems has arrived. Smart air conditioners are the future of the AC industry and here is what you need to know about them.

Say ‘ADIEU’ to your traditional AC’s
In the mid of the twentieth century, life was plain and simple and ACs are luxury not all can have. Even the plot of the 1955 Marilyn Monroe movie, The Seven Year Itch, revolved around an air conditioner. Traditional air conditioners are good in many respects. They give you the freedom to do zone cooling in your home and they can be less expensive to maintain too.

They do have their drawbacks, however. You have to be in a close radius to control them. It may not seem to be a very big problem always, but think of a hot summer day. You have labored for the whole day and now you came back home super exhausted. The first thing you desire is to lie down on your sweet comfortable bed. But, because your’ AC was not switched on! You will have to sweat for at least a dozen of minutes before getting your rest back. So why to face such troubles when you have an easy solution to problems like these! You can now switch to the new smart air conditioners and get the maximum benefits from your AC.

What’s a smart air conditioner? This word has been the buzz in recent years, as it usually means that it is associated with a Smartphone app. As you can tell from the photo above, that is indeed the case here.
Yes, the app gives you control over the central heating and air conditioning system to a certain extent. And it goes even further. It automatically connects to the GPS in your phone to turn the AC on and off based on your proximity to home.

You can get a smart AC in two ways:

1) Buy a smart AC- If you want to buy such a device and want to get your hands on an efficient model; then there are a lot of choices nowadays. The EPA website provides you with a list of ENERGY STAR certified room ACs, and I suggest you download their spreadsheet to assist you in your search.

2) Convert your AC into a smart AC – Many companies like Tado, have launched certain products like ‘Smart AC Control’ that turns your old air conditioners into a smart unit. The Smart AC Control links via infrared with your existing remote-controlled AC unit and allows you to control several features via a connected companion app from wherever you are.

So what is the final verdict?
The Smart Ac isn’t a bad idea. It may even save some energy and help people feel more comfortable. The people who live in big buildings and don’t have central AC can use this technology to save energy.

Ideally, a person who resides in a big building goes to work in the morning and leaves their AC on all day so the place is cool when they come home can benefit from smart Ac. If you are thinking of upgrading your air conditioner, the smart AC provides one set of opportunity.

The question is do you really need it?
Plenty of air conditioners have the option of programmable thermostats. If you have a regular schedule, you do need to spill the cash.

So, if you have the cash and want to reduce your’ ever expanding electrical bills! Then smart AC’s provide you with a wonderful and more comfortable opportunity!